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Welcome to Honeyberry Farm, Inc.

Member of NASFT (National Association of Speciality Food Trade, Inc.)

We are the creators
of a new and unique

Our award-winning jellies are 80-90% honey with the texture and spread of a smooth jelly.

The taste is a flavorful sensation of honey mixed with the smooth texture of jelly—eliminating the "drippy mess" usually associated with eating honey.

Please browse our website. You may shop securely online, or order in traditional ways by contacting us personally in the ways listed on our headline banner.

The Camp Family

    Our attractive 8-oz jar of
     honey jelly makes a great gift.

Honeyberry Farm's slogan, "Even if you like your honey runny, try our jelly" may make you smile, but tasting these unique products will elicit a verbal "WOW!"

"Click here" for group description of the jellies.

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